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Lol Jen
Like people listen to you. Anyway, 2 runestones!!!
Whoever gets beat by Roy to the cloak will receive a public flogging. I have spoken.
And holy shit Roy is on the titan runestone part... ahahahaha he just came back and he will beat some ppl tot he cloak... lol
Can't sleep... fuck a duck.
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Welcome to the guild site of Dark Skies on Elune. 

We are an adult oriented guild on the alliance side and have been consistently successful in raids since WoTLK while only raiding two nights a week. We take our raiding seriously, while maintaining a relaxed setting. Going forward in Mists we are hoping to expand our roster for all activities, but we are looking to fill out a second raid team. Recruitment is open for raiding or casual membership. If you're interested in raiding with us or just want to hang in guild, please contact us. Anyone interested may search out an officer in game or private message one here--Inmanhawk, Amourice, Adriele, Roy and Sineater.

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Garrosh is our bitch.

Amourice, Jan 28, 14 10:54 PM.
And we smacked that bitch down. Wasn't our worst end expansion boss let alone worst end raid boss... must be because hes a fucking pansy ass!

Garrosh youre next!

Amourice, Dec 6, 13 12:57 AM.
Paragons went down with just two attempts, had a good bit of time to learn Garrosh and he shouldn't live much longer.

Woot woot woot, another cockblock goes down.

Amourice, Nov 21, 13 11:41 PM.
Thok proved to be more of a cockblock then most of the other bosses in SoO so far. But Siegecrafter Blackfuse went down like a bitch! Making us 12/14 yay!

Spoils was our bitch tonight. Yay 10/14 for Last Attempt.

Amourice, Nov 8, 13 1:41 AM.
We got Spoils tonight and made really great progress on Thok. Need to tighten up a few things and come back a little bit more fresh next progression night. Should have him next week for sure though!

Malkorok is no more.

Amourice, Oct 26, 13 2:53 PM.
Took us about half of two separate progression nights to get him so you could say it was all of one! Either way... we are now 9/14!
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All classes, specs and roles are welcome, would love to fill out a second raid team. Just pst someone in guild to be referred to an officer/raid member for invites. Said invite does not guarantee a raid spot though.
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